Quest! Sign Up

How to Join

It only takes a few minutes to start earning QUEST! experience points (XP). Simply fill out the registration form and bring it to the QUEST! booth in the casino. One of our friendly representatives will input your information and make your card on the spot, instantly inducting you into QUEST!.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

Earning Your Experience Points (XP)

Your QUEST! card keeps track of your points automatically, so you can focus on playing and having fun. Just insert your card into the card reader on your machine before you begin to play, and be sure the display greets you by name. Your points will be displayed on the card reader, along with your countdown—the amount of play you need to earn your next experience point (XP).

Valid ID

Valid IDs are needed to redeem points or prizes on your QUEST! card. Expired IDs will not be accepted. Acceptable IDs are: valid driver’s license with picture, valid state ID, passport, or tribal ID. No exceptions. Accounts that are inactive for a 12-month period will be cancelled.